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By completing and submitting this online registration form, you give CPS your consent to process the (personal) information provided into the Vaccination Registration System (VRS). VRS is designed for the administration of the vaccination program and is managed by CPS. CPS will not use the data provided for any other purpose than the administration of the vaccination program and will make sure that only persons with proper authority who are bound to confidentiality have access to your information. CPS will store your information – unless you request your data to be removed before that time – for a period of 10 years. The uploaded copy of your ID will be deleted after you have received your (first) vaccination. CPS will not, unless you authorize it to or it is bound by law to, share your personal information with third parties, including your GP, insurance company and/or other (non-) governmental entities. Anonymized data may be shared with external stakeholders such as the RIVM and Lareb (center for the registration and evaluation of side effects of medication in The Netherlands) and for scientific research. If you have any questions about the way your data is processed, which data is processed or about your rights with regard to your data, please feel free to contact CPS via Tel: 1-721-542-1570.